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It was once a yearly tradition for Adam to give out his recipe for fresh cranberry sauce right around Thanksgiving, stating that he far preferred it to canned cranberry jelly.

On the 2002-11-26 episode with System of a Down, Adam outlined the general recipe:

You will need
* [1] sack of cranberries
* [1] cup of water
* [1] cup of sugar
as well as a saucepan with a lid

# open sack of cranberries
# pour into saucepan
# add water
# add sugar
# put the lid on the saucepan
# put it on a medium heat
# cook for five minutes and it is done

When Dr. Drew asked if a full cup of sugar was necessary, Adam reminded him that cranberries were very tart. Adam said that he started with 2/3 cup of sugar since he preferred it on the tart side and that other people could do the same thing and work in a little more sugar, seasoned to taste.

When Dr. Drew asks about adding anything else like walnuts, Adam states that he doesn't like to get too fancy with additional ingredients though he will add a little zest of lemon or orange/lemon rind as it is pleasing to the eye as well as the palette.

Author's notes:
I have been making this recipe for roughly a decade now and I'd like to make some additional suggestions.
* If you are keeping your cranberries in the freezer (which you probably should), I would take them out to defrost for at least a half hour before you make the sauce. Alternately you could probably run them under some warm water and that would also be fine. If you use them directly from the freezer they tend to freeze together when the water is added. When that happens you could break them apart with a spoon but it's not ideal.
* I tend to use 1 1/4 cups of sugar as I find a single cup to still be a bit too tart for my taste. I would not start that high, though, if this is your first time using the recipe.
* Adam says that it only takes 5 minutes on medium heat. I have found that it is closer to 10-15 minutes. I would actually suggest a low-medium heat.
* Also, I turn the heat off when the cranberries start to split open. If they all burst open, the cranberry skins by themselves aren't all that tasty.