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Random Quotes of the Moment

"When I go to bed, that's all I hear. Kids on a playground and shotguns.
Never has ten kids dying been more funny, Drew."

   -Adam Carolla, 23 May 2003

"He's going to have to masturbate a lot more."

   -Drew Pinsky, 06 April 2003

The Loveline Information Archive:

This site has been left up for posterity, but is no longer maintained or relevant. This project was started in the Adam-era of Loveline, and neglected after Adam left the show.

This wiki is meant to be an ever-expanding information resource. It should serve as an encyclopedia pertaining to all things Loveline. The timeline format is included because it naturally gives events a context and structure. The wiki style allows for any amount of detail, from a call-to-call description of each show, to the most basic entry defining 'sploser'.

All possible articles should be referenced in the timeline, and all should be listed alphabetically in the article index. All show-specific notes should be included on that show's date in the timeline.

Want to help out? Please read the submissions page. Have a non-submission suggestion, comment, or question? Feel free to post in the forum or email us (Webmaster (at) LovelineFan (dot) Com).

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