Ace's Mexican Rachero Accordion Countdown is a game thought up by Adam. The engineer will start at a random point in a random ranchero song. Before it starts, the hosts (and the guest, if any is around) will guess how many seconds will pass before an accordion starts playing. This can be anywhere from instantaneous (an accordion is already playing when the music begins) up to no accordion at all, which is a very rare occurence.

The game stems from Adam's opinion of ranchero music, which he thinks is some of the worst music around in part because of the use of the accordion. While his house was being built, he would tell stories about how the construction workers would play ranchero music loudly in the early morning. He no doubt also came across this type of music when he worked in construction and carpetry earlier in life.

The game was introduced on 19 October 2004.

[For an easier to read, though less accurate, version of the following transcript, you can access an alternate edition here.]

Adam: "We'll, uh... take ourselves, uh... a break. And then I- we got to get a radio in here because there's something called, uh, Ace's Accordion Countdown I've been wanting to play on the show for a long time."
Drew: "Okay."
Adam: "We're going to work this out. We'll take a, uh, quick break. We'll, uh, launch a new game after this."

-after the break-

Adam: "Hey everybody, Loveline. I'm Adam, thaaaaaat's Dr. Dreeew. Phone number 1-800-L O V E one nine oner. Alright, we got the radio in here to, uh, play, uh, Ace's Accordion Countdown game. Um, we got to work out a few bugs. It was a last minute call. So I think, uh, in the next break we're gonna figure that out, and then we'll come back with a game that I believe...- I'm going to go out on a limb here-"
Drew: "Co- could surpass Germany or Florida."
Adam: "Bigger than Germany or Florida."
Drew: "Oh wow."
Both: "Huge."
Adam: "Huge."

-a little later in the same segment, after dealing with a caller named Alicia-

Adam: "Alright Drew, what were we talking about?"
Drew: "Hey, but good times."
Adam: "Yeah, but good times. That's what I got to say."
Drew: "A- accordion."
Adam: "Oh yeah. We're gonna do our accordion countdown next break."

-before going to break-

Drew: "Alright, we're- let's get this accordion game."
Adam: "Let's go."
Drew: "Come on."
Adam: "Cause we're gonna break it down. We're gonna break it down."
*short rant on junior college*
Drew: "Yeah."
Adam: "Yeah."
Drew: "Here we go."
Adam: "And we're going to work on this accordion countdown thing-"
Drew: "Alright, let's go. Come on."
Adam: "-when we come back. Alright. Alright?"
Drew: "Yeah."
Adam: "All that after this."

-after the break-

Adam: "When we, uh, left off we were talking about playing a game that I, uh, predict is, uh, going to be bigger than Germany or Florida. It's a game we play in the, uh, Kimmel's, uh, Kimmel's writing room. We have a radio there. Uh, I, uh, have this theory that just about everytime I, uh, switch to a, uh, Mexican station there's accordion music, uh, blaring."
Drew: "Instantly."
Adam: "I believe they're trying to drive us out of the country with it, by the way. But that's another theory. We can get into that later. So we start playing this game called, eh, Ace's, uh, Mexican Accordion Countdown which is, uh, we've got my name on it because I thought of it, you know."
Drew: "Yeah, good."
Adam: "And we- we just have a radio sitting there and we all go about writing our, uh, Kimmel jokes and about every twenty minutes someone says, 'Alright,' flipping- flipping the radio on. And, uh, then the question is, 'Alright, what do ya- what do ya got?' And people like, 'Five seconds,' 'Twenty seconds,' and you can go with the immediate one too."
Drew: "So- so- so, er, right- so you and I are going to play here? Just as- to give an example to the public how it works."
Adam: "Right, now the problem is we don't have an extension cord and we don't have the mic right and we got poor Lauren standing in the hallway, uh, holding an AM radio, but hopefully we can hear it through Drew's mic. Drew, what do you go on the accordion countdown?"
Drew: "Four seconds."
Anderson: "Wait guys, real quick, before we start,-"
Adam: "Yeah?"
Anderson: "Have you cleared this with people and stuff like that because-"
Adam: "Yeah."
Anderson: "-I don't want to get busted."
Adam: "It's fine, you're cool."
Anderson: "Yeah?"
Adam: "Alright, so, uh, four seconds. And, um, I'm gonna go... I'm gonna go thirteen seconds so we can look at the, uh-"
Drew: "Thirteen seconds?"
Adam: "Yeah. It's- it's- it's long. It's long. I'm just gonna- I'm just, I'm playing a hunch here. We can look at the, uh-"
Drew: "Now, er, eh, uh, if there's a commercial, are we-"
Adam: We, we restart."
Drew: "It's a pass, yeah."
Adam: "It's a pass. It's a push. Do we have a clo- oh, we got the clock here, yeah, that's right. Alright, when it gets to forty seconds we'll go with the, uh- have Lauren, uh, hit the power button. Turn the speaker this way, get the mic over there, see what it goes. Alright, ready? Hit it!"

It was called as an instant accordion, Drew won that round, and the rest is history.

Unlike Germany or Florida, this game is closed off to the callers. On a few occasions a caller has been able to guess along with everyone else.