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Adam Carolla was born on May 27, 1964 and was raised in North Hollywood, California. He attended a "free range hippie school" for at least part of his elementary education, he also attended Walter Reed Junior High School and North Hollywood High School where he 'majored' in ceramics. Shortly after high school Carolla moved out of his Dad's garage into an apartment with his friends. Carolla played junior college football for about half a year after being recruited by the local coach at Los Angeles Valley College. He left junior college at age 19 due to a back injury. To support himself he first worked as a carpet cleaner, but soon got involved in construction and carpentry. While working construction Carolla's hobbies included boxing and various comedic pursuits including improv theater and stand-up comedy (audio clip). At the age of 23 he went back to junior college briefly, but soon dropped out again.

Using his recreational boxing experience, Carolla was able to land a short-term radio job as the boxing trainer for the then morning-radio-sports-guy, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel and Carolla became good friends. Using this experience as a way into the radio business, Carolla aggressively pursued a part on the KROQ morning show, and was rewarded with the chance to occasionally call-in as his best character, "Mr. Birchum". Shortly after Carolla started working in radio, the long-time host of the radio show "Loveline", Dr. Drew Pinsky, heard Carolla on the morning show and suggested him as a possible Loveline host. With Pinsky's suggestion Carolla was added as the third voice on Loveline in October 1995. Shortly after joining Loveline, MTV brought the show to television where it enjoyed four years of success with Carolla and Pinsky as hosts.

Since that time Carolla has found much success in the entertainment business. Teaming up with his radio colleague Kimmel, Carolla helped write and starred in the successful comedy show, "The Man Show", which ran for four seasons with Kimmel and Carolla as hosts. Again teaming with Kimmel and a third partner Daniel Kellison, Jackhole Industries? was formed and has been the powerhouse behind many comedic television shows - including the very successful "Crank Yankers" (featuring Carolla as "Birchum"). Carolla was also credited as a talented comedy writer for Kimmel's late night television show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" from it's inception until May 2005.

Despite his success in television production, Carolla remains a radio man; Carolla left his position as host on Loveline in November 2005 to persue the position of a morning radio host in various west-coast markets. On September 28, 2002 Carolla was married to his longtime girlfriend Lynette Paradise. Some of Carolla's professed indulgences include collecting cars, marathon Tivo viewings, and red wine.

"I Hate The Man, I Am The Man"