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A Best Of episode is a compilation episode which is aired in place of a live broadcast. They are made up of segments from past shows that featured memorable guests from the past year, though sometimes much older shows are used. Sometimes there will be segments used from shows that had no guests. Shows can take up one to two segments of a Best Of, depending on if there was a lot of interesting conversation going on with a guest or if there were a lot of good calls. The engineer at the time decides on which shows will be used for the Best Ofs.

In the week or two leading up to a series of Best Of episodes, Adam and Drew will come into the show early to record introductions to the various Best Of segments, often recapping their feelings on the guests or certain phone calls. Sometimes Adam will go off on a short rant inspired by a segment that is about to play, allowing for some original material in the show. They also like to predict where they will be when the Best Of they are working on airs.