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Chief Thunderbear is the "American Indian gynecologist" who ocassionally 'guests' on the show to answer gynecological questions for callers. In reality, the Chief is obviously a character voiced by Adam. Originally the Chief only spoke in the choctaw language, Drew acting as translator, but he has recently been speaking more and more english during his visits.

On 4 May 2004 was probably the first appearance of an American Indian character on the show that was given a name. Adam and Drew were talking to a caller about how she could not get into a good college because she got a bad score on the SATs. The only way she could possibly get into a state school would be if she were "110% Iroquois Indian". Drew suggested that she would need to claim she was a Creek and make issue with the Creek Massacre. Adam goes into a dialogue between the dean, a "Mr. Thundercloud", and his translator.

On 25 May 2004 the Indian character resurfaces, this time as an Alaskan therapist named "Proud Bear". He's described as chanting and dancing around with a huge bear head and a bear skin running down his back with a giant rattle and a big dream catcher. Drew goes on to translate for Proud Bear for the rest of a call.

On 26 May 2004, the Indian character is given the title "Chief Thunderbear, American Indian gynecologist". The Chief spoke Choctaw and Drew translated for a call.

Another name that the Chief has taken is Running Bear.

  • Chief Thunderbear is known to make an appearance on the following shows:

    • 2004-05-26
    • 2004-11-18
    • 2004-12-07
    • 2005-01-09