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Passionate, Passionate Man

David Drew Pinsky was born September 4, 1958 and was raised in Pasadena, California. Education formed much of Pinsky's early life including an undergraduate education from Amherst College. Like his father, Pinsky decided to persue a career in medicine and went on to earn a M.D. from the USC School of Medicine.

While still attending medical school in 1984, Pinsky began a career in radio as the source of medical knowledge for the new show 'Loveline'. Started by two Los Angeles radio station DJs, Swedish Egil and Poorman, Loveline delivered "Dr. Drew" to the KROQ audience. At the time the show was done once a week as a community service for both Pinsky and KROQ. As the show grew in popularity it gained more commercial viability, eventually achieving broadcasts 5 nights per week, better suited hosts, and national syndication. The one constant through Loveline's history has been Pinsky's devotion to the show. Pinsky's medical career has grown in tandem with his experiences on Loveline, allowing him to experiment in merging the mainstream media and straighforward medical information and advice.

Outside of the 'media' world Pinsky still maintains a small private practice inherited from his father, and is the medical director of the Los Encinas rehab clinic in Southern California. He is also a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at USC School of Medicine. Pinsky is a devoted husband to his wife Susan, and loving father to his triplet children, Paulina, Douglas, and Jordan.