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Junior college is the same as a community college, except that it is privately owned. The highest degree you can earn in either is an associate's degree, and the credits you earn can be transferred to a four year college or university.

For the most part, Adam is harsh on the idea of people going to a junior college. He feels that they are for people who weren't very good in high school and should just go out and get a job instead, or go to a specialty school. The unstructured environment leads to people hanging around for years and never graduating. A location on a junior college campus that is mentioned on the show is the snack shack, where people hang out and waste all their time. One definition he has given a JC is 'high school with ash trays'.

People Who Are Fine At Junior College
* nursing program students
* Asians
* Indians (Native Americans)
* Foreigners who were doctors (or any other trained and respected professionals) in their old countries
* JC athletes (kind of a farm league), lot of good players, sports guys are dumb anyhow so they need a couple of years before they transfer

People Who Should Not Waste Their Time At Junior College
* Old people
* white people
* 19 year old f' ups / people who were horrible in high school
* good looking people

Adam went to a junior college, Los Angeles Valley College, for a brief period of time. On 19 October 2003, he mentions playing JC football for about half a year. On 31 January 2005, he goes into much greater detail. "Drew, I went to junior college. I know what goes on there. No. I shouldn't say I know what goes on over there. I know what doesn't go on over there." He originally went because he was recruited by the local coach, Chuck, to play football right when he got out of high school. Other schools that were interested in him were University of the Pacific, Thurgood Marshall College, Lewis and Clark, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and University of California, Davis. He didn't go to any of them because they didn't have big football programs and he didn't have anyone to help him fill out the paperwork and didn't know what to do. He got out the first time when he was 19 because he hurt his back. During the interim, he had done carpet cleaning, ditch digging, and a few years of carpentry. He went back when he was 23 and took two classes. He was interested in going back for radio, but a prerequisite was a voice and diction class which he was not interested in. He did complete those classes, but fell apart the next semester. While attending junior college the second time, he was working with born-again Christians at Always Better Closets, installing closets.

Drew is far more believing that there are a good number of students who transfer from junior college to a university.