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Kenneth originally called in 23 April 2003 (age 21) during the first segment. His initial question was if having been in prison would lessen his chance of getting a girlfriend. When he would tell the girls what he had done, they would hang up on him and change their phone numbers.

Drew: "Why'd you go to prison?"
Kenneth: "I stole a head from a corpse."
Adam: "Stole a head from a corpse?"
Kenneth: "Yeah, I broke into a mausoleum and ripped a head off a corpse and took it home."
Drew: "Fantastic."

He took it home to put in an aquarium with his pet snake. They tried to send him to prison for six years but only got two and a half. Drew used the opportunity to get some feedback from Phone Screener Tara.

Drew: "Well, let's ask- Tara seems to be very impressed with this story. Let's get her on the phone here a little bit. Tara? Tara's our scr- 'Tara, don't call me Tar-ah, god damn it', she's one of our screeners. Get on the horn and, uh, wouldn't- what would you do if you found out a guy was, mmm, har- harboring a head?"
Tara: "It's disgusting. I'd leave. I'd run away."
Drew: "That wouldn't turn you on?"
Tara: "Not at all."
Drew: "Well, come on!"
Adam: "Drew, bring a head into work tomorrow, see if we can get her out of there."
Drew: "Okay, I'll bring a- bring a corpse head in tomorrow."

Adam wanted to hang up on him because Kenneth was either bragging or he was bogus, but Drew insisted they keep him on hold. They went back to him a couple of times later in the show to ask his advice on calls (including one about anal sex). He eventually hung up. He called back into the show at a later date to give them an update.

Kenneth called in again on 4 May 2003 (first call of the fourth segment/second hour) to ask if a guy could catch a yeast infection from a girl. Adam and Drew quickly answer yes, and then launch into more questions about the skull incident. Adam has him say "Oh yeah!" ala Macho Man Randy Savage.