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In late 2004 Craig Kilborn left his position as host of The Late Late Show on CBS. In an attempt to find the best replacement for him, the show had a series of potentials guest-host the show in an informal competition.

Adam guest hosted the show on three consecutive nights, October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2004. According to his statements on Loveline, he was ranked highly in the running, but he backed out of the competition because they were asking for too much and he chose to persue other projects instead.

Much of Adam's material on the shows consisted of bits similiar to what we've heard on Loveline before. For example, he played a game of Germany or Florida with the audience, and he answered carpentry questions for people live in Las Vegas. Kevin U. encoded divx video of all three nights, available on the DC Hub.

On 2005-06-13 Drew guested on The Late Late Show. He talked mostly about addiction in his interview with the new host of the show, Craig Ferguson. Kevin U. encoded divx video of Drew's appearance, available on the DC Hub.