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A "Mason jar" call on Loveline means the call is fake.

It all started with a caller named Thomas from Tucson, AZ. He was famous for calling into the show a lot and coming up with elaborate fake phone calls. At the end of the call, in order to let them know that it was all a joke, he would say, "She had a butthole the size of a mason jar." Over time, other people would call in to make fake calls, and would signify that they had gotten the better of the hosts by ending the call with 'a butthole the size of a mason jar.' Years later on the 2002-08-28 show, Thomas called in and talked to Drew for a little while. Amazingly, Drew recognized his voice and they talked about his history with the show, and then about his real problem. Thomas explained that on October 17, 1996, at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, he met Adam. He also explained that the origin of his catchphrase was from a comment Adam had made about mason jars, which he thought was "the funniest thing ever", so stole the idea and started using it in his calls.

When Adam or Drew sense a call is fake, they will sometimes say to each other that it's going to end with a mason jar.

Mason jar calls have mostly tapered off, and those who do still attempt them usually either get sniffed out early on or they do not understand how the joke is supposed to work.

A Grand History of Mason Jar Calls

Date of call

Name of caller


29 September 2002


he has a friend Alex whom he had not seen him all summer, he sees him finally at a concert/youth event at his church on Saturday, Alex brought his girlfriend Jennifer, Sean has sex with Jennifer in his truck after dropping off Alex, he wants to tell Alex

15 December 2002


he's 5'4", 225 pounds and wants to lose the weight, Adam (the host) recommends a lifestyle change and asks if Adam (the caller) eats a lot of carbs, the caller responds that he doesn't and that he thinks he has a mason jar in his ass, Adam (the host) wishes that the caller dies of morbid obesity or at least be paralyzed by it

26 February 2003


likes to have anal sex with her girlfriend but has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and wonders if it is bad to be doing that, she had had to go to the emergency room before because of it, after telling the hosts about having an abusive stepfather growing up, she says that the problem is that she has an asshole the size of a mason jar

24 October 2004


claims that his urine stream goes left and right (split stream), source of the high pitched 'Noooo!' drop which Anderson used liberally for the rest of the night, "the jar that I actually collected the particles in was actually the size of a mason jar", this call took Adam and Drew by surprise