Miriam is/was a chronic fake-caller to Loveline who unlike many bogus callers, does not follow the "Geneva convention on bogus calls". Her calls are almost always very detailed and involve serious subjects - and are therefore often not detected. She never ends a call with the classic bogus call tag-line, "his/her butthole is the size of a mason jar!".

Miriam's most well known call took place on the 2003-06-16 show, when she was finally busted by Adam and Drew with help from a visiting fan, Thomas. Thomas knew about Miriam's bogus calls, as well as her current on-going series of calls as abuse victim 'Sophia'. Thomas knew all of the details through his involvement at The Loveline Companion forum, where Miriam had been posting about her calls. So, when 'Sophia' called while he was there he was able to explain to the Loveline staff that her call was fake, and they busted her on-air.

Other known Miriam calls:

2003-03-30: caller "Melissa" - Very confusing and chaotic call, she suposedly found out the woman who raised her was her aunt and not her mom. She started crying when describing supposed molestation. She continually brought up additional problems throughout the call until Adam and Drew cut her off.

2003-05-27: caller "Burnadette" - says her mother dresses promiscuously.