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Politically Incorrect was a sort of roundtable talk show that was originally on Comedy Central but later moved to ABC and ran from 1994 until 28 June 2002. Hosted by Bill Maher, the focus of the show was discussing the news items of the day, such as politics, religion, and the American public. With Maher setting the topics of discussion and moderating to a loose degree while inserting his own opinions on the matters, every night there were four other panelists. Two sitting to the left, two sitting to the right, and Maher in the middle. Whoever wanted to speak just had to jump in when they could.

Adam and Drew were each on the show many times over the course of the show's run, though it is unknown just how far back their appearances go.

Transcripts from

From late November 2001 until the last show in 2002, has kept an archive of the transcripts of the show. Some of the dates had no transcripts, while others had incorrect years at their headers. Below are four shows which are luckily still around on the archives, and that are being saved here just in case removes the transcripts at some later date.

No Transcripts