'Preshow' is a term used to describe the interaction that Drew sometimes has with a DJ at KROQ before the show. Generally occuring within 35 minutes from the start of the show, and starting no sooner than 5 minutes from the start of the show, Drew will talk with the DJ anywhere from just under a minute up to 5-6 minutes, averaging about 2-3 minutes. They can talk about a range of subjects; anything from what happened on Loveline the previous night/week to talking about the lives of the DJs to popular television or music to events/people in the news to who is going to be on the show that night. When no one is going to be on the show, the guest is usually credited as 'the love that exists between Adam and Drew'. Every so often, the guest for that night will come on the preshow as well. These guest interactions are normally longer than preshows without guests.

The two DJs whom Drew talks with are Stryker and Nicole Alvarez. Stryker used to host the show on KROQ before Loveline up until around October 2004. Nicole Alvarez, who used to host the show before Loveline on Sundays and who would fill in for Stryker on occasion, took over that spot.

There is only one known preshow with Adam Carolla participating, which took place on 26 November 2003?. In it, Adam and Drew are talking to Stryker about food preferences such as iceberg lettuce, cranberry sauce, and various pies. Adam is clearly disgusted with Stryker's tastes, and declares, "Let me say this Stryker. I know we didn't talk much before, but now we're really not talking. This is it." And he seems to have kept that promise.

Mike records ogg audio of most preshows, which can be found in the DC Hub.