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Drew's Discovery Health channel show, "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew" premiered on June 8th, 2005. The show is aired weekly on Wednesday nights and is an hour long. Each show features, "a fearless look at sexuality with frank talk and honest answers", and each focuses on a specific sexual topic. Drew used the Loveline audience to gather participants for many of the early shows.

Show List:

Ep 1: "The Orgasm" (aired 2005-06-08)
Ep 2: "How to Ruin Your Sex Life" (aired 2005-06-15)
Ep 3: "Ask Dr. Drew" (aired 2005-06-22)
Ep 4: "Sex, Drugs & Surgery" (aired 2005-07-13)
Ep 5: "Sex: What Scares You?" (aired 2005-07-20)
Ep 6: "Sex: Fact or Fiction" (aired 2005-07-27)
Ep 7: "Masturbation" (aired 2005-08-03)
Ep 8: "Was It Good for You?" (airded 2005-08-10)

"Am I Normal?" (airdate 2005-08-17)
"Sexual Chemistry" (airdate 2005-08-24)