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Starting January 10th, 2005 and ending January 14th, 2005, KROQ had an online auction to benefit Tsunami relief efforts, and one of the items up for bidding was, "Co-Host Loveline with Adam & Dr. Drew: Step into Adam Carolla's shoes for one night as the co-host of KROQ's Loveline." The dollar amount climbed steadily throughout the week of bidding, with an ending bid of $15,000. The winning bidder on the auction was Tom Burbine. Another eager fan, David Roos, matched Tom's bid in order to also co-host the show on a different night.

David Roos was the first to guest on the show, he and his wife Melissa came in on the 2005-02-23? show.

Tom Burbine visited on the 2005-03-06? show.