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The engineers try their best to keep profanity off the air, either by adding some silence or completely dropping about 10-15 seconds of on-air audio. However, every so often some profanity will get through. This entry is dedicated to these appreciated screwups.

  • (23 May 2002) Bridgette: "I'm so sorry for leaving you, yada yada yada, bullshit guys pull - can I say that?"

  • (16 February 2003) Tyler: "I was wondering if you could give me some insight on, uh, like my social life. It's pretty much in the shits right now."

  • (14 July 2004) Jeremy Piven: "And then when they say 'You don't have a child with special needs,' you just say 'Semantics, fuckface!'"

  • (28 February 2005) Simon Le Bon: "I think we all reached a point in our lives where we looked back and we thought 'That was great. I'd like to- I'd like to have another go at that. And I'd like to- to- to kind of now that you're tw- seventeen years on forget about the bullshit that happened towards the effort.'"