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The term 'waffle crapper' was born out of a conversation between Adam, Drew, and guest Will Arnett during the show on 21 November 2004?, the actual phrase being coined by Drew. A waffle crapper is a woman who is so beautiful, that a man would allow her to do something as disgusting and unappealing as defecating on his waffles and he would not mind.

A caller named Giselle, 18, asked why her boyfriend would lose his erection while they were having sex in certain positions. Drew started talking to Adam about how something like that was dependent upon who you were with, like Claudia Schiffer. To that Adam replied, "Oh no, if it was Claudia Schiffer, it's like, uh, the next morning you're like 'Could you please, uh, crap on my waffle. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, that's fantastic. That's it? That's i- I- I guess I'll just spread it out.'" Then Adam remarked that a hot chick could get away with anything, whereas a scary chick belches and it is a deal breaker. He asked if Giselle was a hot chick and if she had ever 'crapped on his waffles'. While she answered "Yes" to the former, she said "No" to the latter, so Adam concluded that she's just not that hot. Drew then asked, "Listen, Will, haven't you said to your friends...'Oh, she's a waffle crapper.'" The three of them went on for a few more minutes joking about the new term. Adam later said that the term sounded like a horrible German name, as well as a World War II aircraft manufacturer that later made coffee pots, crock pots, and chainsaws.

The term was mentioned a few more times, notably, on the following night when guest Leeann Tweeden? was warned of the term during the preshow with Drew and Nicole Alvarez, and then she brought it up during the show.